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Are you interested in living a healthier, natural, germ free, detoxed life? Young Living Oils can help with that! Young Living oils have completely changed my life….and I would love to help you get started with them! You can email me at if you have any questions or sign up for Young Living HERE.

Here are some of the different posts I’ve done on how I use my oils:

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An Oily Day  | Through The Lens of Hannah Diane

Young Living sets the standard for quality and purity in the essential oil world. They have a unique seed to seal process in which they monitor every step of production. This ensures that every essential oil meets their high standards. With their commitment to quality, you can be sure that their oils are completely safe and effective.

How do I get started?
To become a Wholesale Member, you purchase one of three enrollment kits. I recommend the Premium Starter Kit (pictured below). It is the best value! 🙂 The Premium Starter Kit is valued at over $300, but when you become a wholesale member, you will get it for 50% off ($160)!
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Young Living Wholesale Member FAQS

Why Should I Become A Wholesale Member?
Great question! This is a fabulous option that provides you 24% off retail price! As you use the oils and you share your testimonials with friends and family, you have the option {zero pressure!} of earning commissions when others join and purchase Young Living oils.
Is there a monthly order minimum?
NO. You can just order what you need when you need it.
I just really want to use oils myself. Do I have to sell Young Living products?
NO. There are ZERO obligation to sell oils when you join as an wholesale member. However, if you ever change your mind, you can jump right in.
Are you *sure* there are no monthly order requirements?
To retain an active distributor account, you have to place one 50PV (basically $50.00) minimum order per year.
If someone wants to join Young Living through me, what do I give them?
When you join, you will be assigned your own member number to give to your friends and family who are interested in joining as well.
Is there a way to save even more money? 
Yes! The Essential Rewards program offers reduced shipping, credit for free oils and more!  Plus each month there are great promotions for free oils when you place an Essential Rewards order. I love free stuff!
Again, if you have any questions- please just leave a note in the comments, or contact me at

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