Wedding Wednesday// Behind the Scenes

Happy Wednesday! Today for Wedding Wednesday, I want to share with you some of the “behind the scenes” of our wedding. Believe me….there will be lots of hugs, tears, laughs and memories made.

Behind the Scenes of a Wedding

My very best friend from Indiana drove down to come be in my wedding. It meant SO much to me, and we had such a fun couple of days!


One of our nephews getting his boutonniere put on.


And Luke’s….


and like I said…lots, lots and LOTS of hugs….

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Plus, you’ll get some silly pictures-

lagrave_mooney_ak46 lagrave_mooney_ak48

And, of course, some sweet ones, too!


Did you get any fun or silly “behind the scenes” pictures from your wedding?

Hannah Diane

Wedding Wednesday // First Look

Happy Wednesday! I am so tired of hearing everyone complaining about their snow….seriously people. There are people here who have not had one good snow this year….and desperately want it. Ugh.


Today I want to share with you Luke’s first look at me on our wedding day– before the ceremony. I also want to share some reasons why it’s good to have a first look before the ceremony.

Why You Should Have A First Look Before the CeremonyFirst off let me say, this is a very personal decision and the best answer to this question is to do what feels best to you.

1 // Nerves. Seeing each other before the ceremony always, always, always calms nerves. Most couples who have a first look say they would recommend it to anyone getting married and also makes your feel more relaxed for the ceremony.

First Look

2 // Alone time. The First Look is designed so that the moment is only shared by you and your photographer. The benefit of the First Look is that you are alone and it’s private. You can actually talk to each other and tell each other how excited you are to get married. You can do whatever feels right. The First Look is often the only alone time you’ll have all day, so it’s a great opportunity for some quiet time together.

Our First Look

// Timeline and portraits. If you decide to see each other before the ceremony, you have the opportunity to take your formal portraits after the First Look. Having a First Look can save you time and money – if you wait to see each other until the ceremony, you’ll likely spend 30-60 additional minutes on portraits. By having all of your portraits completed before the ceremony, your photography timeline will be more streamlined and you can focus more of your photographer’s time on what’s important to such as getting-ready shots, reception coverage or your grand exit.

Love and Hugs

4 // Spend more time with your guests. Since you’ve had a First Look and you’ve taken all of your portraits before the ceremony, you can head to the reception immediately after the ceremony. You’ve spent months planning your wedding and a lot of those plans have focused on the reception and celebrating your marriage. By having a First Look, you ensure that you’ll get to spend more time with your guests!

Did you have a “First Look” before your ceremony?

Hannah Diane

How to have a {simple, tasteful & inexpensive} Wedding Reception

Happy Wednesday, all! I know I haven’t posted much….like, at all, but I hope that can change in the coming weeks! Today I want to share with you some tips, tricks and pictures from my simple (but, I think, gorgeous!) wedding reception.

Wdding Reception

First off, let me say that if you schedule your wedding when no one will expect a meal….no one will expect a meal. And that helps you out in the $$$ area quite a lot. Schedule your wedding around 1-3pm if possible. Too late for lunch, too early for supper.

Wedding Reception Donuts

We offered a little bit of a variety of things. We had fresh fruit, donuts, donut holes and scones. And, of course, cake!

Wedding Reception FoodMixing in different decorations in with the food also helps make it seem like there is more than there is. Mix in flowers, books, jars, lace, wood. Whatever fits your style. 🙂

Wedding Reception Flowers

We also used some hanging jars with flowers in them to give it an outdoorsy feel and help draw your attention upward, too.

Wedding Reception Beauty

I loved mixing textures of wood, lace, burlap, flowers and glass. It turned out quite lovely, if I do say so myself. 🙂

What did you serve at your reception? How did you decorate it?

Hannah Diane

Wedding Wednesday // Cakes

Happy Wednesday! I love sharing with you all the little details of our wedding. If you’ve missed other details, you can check out the boots, the gown, and the DIY projects!

Today I want to share with you the cakes. Thanks to Pinterest, I knew exactly what I wanted my cake to look like…and I got exactly what I wanted! It was perfect.

Wedding Wednesday // Cakes

I wanted it to be very simple, but with some texture to it. I took three pictures to the lady who did my wedding cake, and she definitely made my dream cake!

Wedding Wednesday // Simple  Wedding Cake

Cutting the cake was a bit of an adventure. We didn’t quite know what to do, but one of my good friends came and rescued us. Ha!

I seriously love this picture! Wedding Wednesday //  Cake Cutting

Now, we didn’t know what to do about Luke’s groom’s cake. We hopped from one idea to another one, until this one came to mind. The outside would look just like mine, only chocolate, but the inside…well, the inside would be a surprise.

Wedding Wednesday //  Grooms Cake

While we were cutting the cake, all my poor husband could see was the green part of inside the cake. Little did he know it was camo!

Wedding Wednesday // Grooms Cake Cutting

He loved the camo cake! Wedding Wedneday //  Camo Cake

Did you do anything special for the groom’s cake? What did your dream wedding cake look like?

Hannah Diane

My DIY Wedding

Good morning, people! How is your week going? Today I wanted to show you some of the DIY projects me and my lovely bridesmaids did for my wedding. My maid of honor and one of my bridesmaids came from out of state the week before the wedding and we did all of the projects then. Yes. All of the projects for the wedding the week of. I was crazy holding off doing them for that long. So, if you are planning a wedding…

My DIY WeddingTip #1- start your projects before the week of your wedding. Ahem. Tip #2- get lots of help from bridesmaids/girlfriends. I had so much help from my girls. I am forever thankful for them. (Girls, if you’re reading this: I LOVE YOU!) Moving on to the projects….

Project #1- Paper banners

DIY Wedding Favors    We had one for “cards” and for “favors”. We just cut little triangles out for scrapbook paper and glued them onto ribbon. Super simple. 🙂 Oh- and those bagged M&M’s? Don’t even ask about the drama with those. We filled and tied over 300 of those little bags. And didn’t eat the M&M’s. Talk about self-control.

Project #2- Ring Bearer Pillows

DIY Ring Bearer PillowsWe just sewed four pieces of burlap into two pillows, then tied a lace ribbon around them, finishing it off in a bow on top. Again, super simple, but more time consuming. I had two ring bearers, that’s why I had to make two pillows.

Project #3-Flower girl pail

DIY Flower Girl PailThis project was done the night before the wedding. We bought just a plain ol’ pail, and then hot glued 2 layers of different color purple ribbons along the top.

Project #4- Fabric Backdrops

DIY Wedding BackdropDIY Wedding ReceptionWe made TWO 10ftx10ft ripped fabric backdrops for the wedding. Talk about time consuming. Seriously. Never want to do that again. They turned out gorgeous, and I am so thankful I had one for the ceremony and one for the reception, but I am so thankful for creative friends who made the process way easier! (Thank you, Olivia!)

Project #5- Burlap Banners

DIY Wedding IdeasDIY Wedding BannersDIY Wedding Reception IdeasThese were SO amazingly cute- it totally tied the reception together. As you can see, my girls made quite a few. We had “Mr”, “Mrs”, “Desserts” and “Drinks”.

Well, those were the main DIY projects we did for the wedding. And of course, my woodstumps were woven through there as well. You also got a little peek into our wedding. The whole thing was perfect for us. Simple, country, woodsy….so us. And I loved every minute of it.
Hannah Diane