Perfect Oils for a Wedding

Getting stressed about the wedding? Worried about getting sick? Just generally panic-y? Planning your wedding is a wonderful, fun time, but it’s also a crazy and stressful time. Today I want to share with you some oils that helped me leading up to the wedding, and during the wedding. 🙂

The Perfect Oils for a Wedding

Tranquil, Peace & Calming and Grounding- what do the names sound like? Well, that’s what they’re for! Ha. Peace and Calming has such a sweet smell and is so calming. Tranquil was so helpful for stressful situations, and Grounding helped keep me level headed and remembering it’s the marriage after the wedding that’s really important. 🙂

Release- At one point or another someone, whether it be someone in your family, bridal party, or future family, is going to be to have something negative to say (or do!). Putting this oil on, taking a deep breath, and asking the Lord for strength and forgiveness can help turn a situation around.

Valor- this oil was perfect for the wedding day! Everyone- mother of the bride, mother of the groom, my bridesmaids, me {the bride!}, and my groom all put this oil on our wrists to help keep our emotions in check, keep us calm and give us courage. Ha!

Thieves- okay, so who wants to get sick the week of the wedding- or the day of? Um, no one. My husband and I both used Thieves religiously the weeks leading up to our wedding and during our honeymoon. Nothing’s worse than getting sick on your honeymoon. We’re SO thankful for this oil!

Oils for a Wedding

Have you ever used oils for stressful situations? You can learn more about Young Living’s oils HERE, or you can order them HERE. 🙂

Hannah Diane
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How to Utilize Pinterest for Your Wedding

Happy Wednesday! Time for another Wedding Wednesday…..but, this time, I am doing it a little differently. I want to share with you how I utilized Pinterest to help keep my wedding planning organized.

Pinterest for your Wedding

1. Have separate boards for each thing. 

Seriously! Have a board for flowers, for the cakes, for the reception, for the gifts you want to give, the DIY projects, everything! This makes it quick and easy for you to pull up a board while you are with the cake people and show them exactly what you want without scrolling through all the flowers and dresses. You’ll thank me later.

2. Have a secret board for your photography. 

My photographer encouraged me to do this and for that I am SO thankful. But- the key here is to make sure to add your photographer to the board. That way they can add ideas also, and see what pictures you especially want and what vibe you’re going for.

3. Clean your boards. 

I know from first hand experience that when you first get engaged, you go all Pinterest crazy. I understand. But, as your narrow your feel, your colors, ect., clean out your boards! This will, like tip #1, help when you are with a vendor of some sort.

Did you have Pinterest when you got married? How has Pinterest helped you with your wedding planning?

Hannah Diane