Organizing Your THM Book and Notebook

As I mentioned  last Tuesday, I am loving the Trim Healthy Mama plan. And later on I want to share with you why I love it, but today I am going to just share with you how I organized my book and created a binder for all my favorite recipes from the book and online THM geniuses.

THM Binder and Organizing

This amazing book is a really big book. And it is full of useful information, recipes and even excercises. So, how in the world are you going to flip to a certain section quickly? Well, you can…if you have your book organized and tabbed.

THM Book

The different sections I have tabbed are: “(S)atisfying Explained”, “(E)nergizing Explained”, Breakfasts, Breads, Lunch, Supper, Dessert, Snacks and Veggies so I can find certain recipes quickly and easily. Or, if I want to find a new breakfast idea, I know where to go. 🙂

THM Binder Organizer

Then, for my notebook- I bought a pretty one for about $5 from Walmart and just wrote THM on the front with a sharpie.  Of course, you don’t have to do that….I’m just weird. Anyway, I got page dividers that came with a “table of contents” page for the front. So I made different sections: breakfast, lunch, supper, tips, snacks, breads, desserts, meal plans, drinks and my favorite THM bloggers/websites for future recipes.

THM Recipes

Then, in each section, I fill them up. 🙂 Sometimes I print off recipes from blogs/websites, then hand write other recipes onto that page, or if I came up with it, am copying it from the book, or tweaking a family recipe- I write it onto lined paper. I put those pages in page protectors, because, as you see in the photo above, I tend to spill things on paper and ruin it if it’s not protected….ahem.

Do you do the THM plan? How do you keep your recipes organized and protected?

Hannah Diane
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Two Ways I {try!} to Stay Organized

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I don’t know about you, but I do not feel like this year is half-way done, do you? I seriously cannot believe we’re in the middle of June. Craziness.
Today, I want to share with you two little dollar section items that have helped me stay on track with my weekly and monthly planning.


These two things may seem simple and kinda….well…..duh. But! So many people don’t do this, and I know it helps me keep each week straight and I know what’s actually going on in my life. Lol.

Monthly Calender

You have to keep a monthly calender handy! I like an actual, hardback, real life version. When I’m out and about, I add things on my phone, then put them into my calender when I get home. I also keep a copy of my monthly calender on my phone, so it’s there too.


I found this amazing little magnetic weekly calender at Target for $3 and it has saved me! Ha! On Sunday night or Monday morning after breakfast, I transfer all my things for that week from my monthly calender onto my weekly calender, so that way there is no question if my chiropractic appointment is this week or next week…..and I know exactly what time, too.

How do you stay (or try to stay….) organized? Do you keep an real-life calender handy?

Hannah Diane
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Getting Organized: DIY Home Binder

Hey, hey, everyone! Who had a wonderful Christmas week? {raises both hands} We had a total blast with lots of family time, time for just us, and then a quick 2 day trip to Memphis with my family. Tons of fun! Now it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

With 2015 quickly approaching us- I’ve been working on my goals, my word of the year, and getting better organized! I already am a very organized person…but one thing I want to have this year is a Home Management Binder. When we first got married, I didn’t let anything home related slip through the cracks- but adding different kind of work at different places, I am gone a whole lot more now. I want to keep organized!! So I did some research on Home Management Binders and I am so exited to jump into making one! Now I just have to go get a binder….

DIY Home Management Binder

Ahem. Anyway- here are 5 of my favorite resources for making your own home management binder!

This is a wonderful post by The Handmade Home with printables!


Here are some awesome Meal Planning Printables.


Mom Advice shows how she makes her own Home Management Binder.


I love the tips and tricks from Happily Ever After, Ect!

House Keeping Binder

One of my favorite posts about making a Home Management Binder is from Thirty Handmade Days. You have to check it out!

Family Binder

How are you hoping to get more organized in 2015? Have you ever made a Home Management Binder? Are you going to make one for this year?

Hannah Diane