Easy Ways to Prepare Your Body for Labor

I’m one of those really crazy, weirdo, crunchy mamas who actually likes giving birth. Sorry, sue me. šŸ˜‰ Birth is a very natural (obviously) thing to have happen, and I know it’s different for everyone, but I really believe there are some things you can do to have a faster, easier labor.

(And I’m not naive, I know there are instances where nothingĀ like these tips will help- but it’s worth it to try!)

Preparing for Labor

#1- Walking, walking, walking! Walking is one of the best things to do to help your body get ready for labor. After 37 weeks, I incorporated lots of hill/incline walking to help encourage labor.

#2- lots of squats! “Squat 300 times a day, youā€™re going to give birth quickly.ā€ – Ina May Gaskin. There are lots of different kinds of squats to do- normal, wide, deep. Do what feels good and mix it up! I definitely believe squats get your body ready for labor.


#3- red raspberry tea/third trimester tea! I didn’t do this with my first birth, and even though I had a very fast labor, I’ve been drinking tea religiously this pregnancy to see if it will help.


#4- stretching! Stretching feels good on a growing, stretching body, but also helps open up your hips in preparation of your upcoming birth. Check out all the awesome hip opener stretches online!

#5- read & watch positive births! When people want to tell you their “horror birth stories”, just tell them you want to have a positive experience. I watched lots of good homebirths to get my mind ready and to be confidant in my body’s ability of giving birth.

What did you do to help prepare your body for labor?
Hannah Diane
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Favorite Pregnancy Books {part 2}

A couple of months ago I shared some of my favorite pregnancy books…..and today I am back with a few more awesome books to share with you. I’ve read a lot more than just these four pregnancy books since I wrote the last post, but I only want to share with you the best of the best when it comes to pregnancy (and breastfeeding!) books!

Pregnancy Books

The Birth Partner- this book is geared toward dads, doulas and midwives, but I learned a great deal by reading through it. After I read it, Luke took it and is slowly making his way through it. He’s going to be the only one (besides my midwives) present at the birth, so we both want him to be prepared to help and be apart of the process. šŸ™‚

Pushed- wow. Just….wow. This is such a moving and eye opening book. Go out and get you a copy NOW! It goes through the changes that our modern medical system has gone through. As the review on the front of the book says- “Extraordinarily readable….No woman who is pregnant, has been pregnant, or plans to be pregnant should set foot inside the office of her OB/GYN before reading this.” (Woman’s Review of Books)

The Breastfeeding Book- this is written by a MD and his RN wife. It has so much medical information, along with what they learn through all of their personal breastfeeding experience.

Gentle Birth Choices (& DVD)- this was such a good read and a moving DVD. It shares the changes our country has had in the medical field and shows the sucess other country are having by using midwives and birthing in water. The DVD was SO powerful and tear-jerking. It’s a must read and watch!

What has been, or is, your favorite pregnancy, labor or postpartum book?

Hannah Diane
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Favorite Pregnancy Books

Happy Tuesday! As I posted on Sunday, I am officially halfway through this pregnancy! It’s been going by so fast, and I’m pretty sure the next 20 weeks are going to fly by even faster….

Today I want to share with you some of the books I’ve been reading and using to get ready for a natural birth. And I just want to say….these books are great whether you plan to have a “natural” birth, or a birth in the hospital with medication.

Favorite Pregnancy Books

Mind Over Labor- this book was a really good “quick read” to help with focusing your mind and working through labor pains.

Birth Matters- oh my word! This book changed my whole outlook on birth!! It’s quite eye opening with it statistics, facts and real life birth stories.

Childbirth Without Fear- again, this is amazing! Written back in the 60’s, it has some wonderful advice

What to Expect When You’re Expecting- I think every pregnant lady should read this book. Although I don’t agree with everything in it; it has been an invaluable resource

Your Pregnancy Week by Week- Luke and I read each chapter on each week. I think it’s helped both of us see the miracle of our growing baby and what to expect with each week

Eating Well When You’re Expect- again, invaluable resource!! I recommend this book to every pregnant/breast feeding woman

The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth- the name says it all. If you’re expecting, read this book.

The Natural Pregnancy Book- this has been just a guide for me. It has good natural remedies for common pregnancy ailments and natural tricks for labor and birth. I’ve used it some for remedies, but I’m not into any kind of “tricks” for labor and birth. My baby will come when he’s ready. šŸ™‚

What have been some of your favorite pregnancy books? Have you ever had an out-of-hospital natural birth?

Hannah Diane
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