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Happy Tuesday, y’all! It’ been a while since I’ve given you a little peek into our lives. I’ve missed blogging and really staying connected with the blogging community. My goal is to change that! I love keeping up with all the amazing ladies in the blogging world and sharing my life here in my little corner of the web. Of course, you can always keep up with me over on Instagram!

Family Photo#1- Our little man is growing so quickly! We’ve gotten lots of family photos…that I’ll share later on. 😉 Caleb is also sitting up by himself, scooting around the floor, and loves to talk!

Piggy on the Homestead

#2-  Our homestead is expanding! We have gotten ourselves a piggy! She’s going to be good ham and bacon come fall. Yum!

Working Out

#3- I am still busy working out! Stay tuned for some tips on postpartum working out, working out with a DR, and more.

Young Living Oils

#4- Detox soaks! Seriously…I don’t think I could live without my twice a week detox soak!

What have you been up to lately? Anything exciting? Share below!

Hannah Diane
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Why I Love Gardening


I’m a country girl at heart. And practically. But gardening isn’t just for “country people”. I know lots of people who garden in the city. But I seriously love gardening….and here are 4 reasons why I love it!


Quiet in the mornings & evenings-
If you live anywhere….really, um….hot, you’re going to have to water your garden in the early mornings or late evenings when the sun won’t scorch the plants. I love the early mornings and late evenings when it’s cooler, quiet and perfectly peaceful.


The Fresh Air-
Who couldn’t use more time in the fresh air, working in the dirt? Digging, watering, hoeing…it all gives me time to just feel. Plus, it’s great exercise for this baby bump of mine. 🙂


Seeing Things Grow-
Maybe I’m weird. But I love seeing my garden go from a bunch of seeds or seedlings into big, plants, heavy with their harvest. It takes time, work, and energy, but seeing things growing is so wonderful to me. Which brings me to thing #4 I love….


The Harvest-
Who doesn’t like the harvesting part? But, so many people don’t get the benefit of the harvest, because they never put the hard work in. Some days watering the garden, or pulling weeds isn’t fun. But, the harvest is always great and rewarding!


Do you like to garden? Do you have a garden- a flower one or otherwise?

Hannah Diane
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Currently {vol. 2}

Happy Monday, people! I had a crazy good, but work-filled week. Luke had Saturday off of work, so we spent the day working around the house….and he took me out for a late lunch at Olive Garden. Isn’t he sweet? 🙂

I haven’t done a Currently in a while, so I thought I’d give you a little peek into what I’ve been doing lately.


Currently been working on our wedding scrapbook. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year! I’d better get this finished before Caleb comes….


I’ve been eating tons of salads. I love seasoning them with salt, pepper and garlic, then drizzling olive oil on top. Amazing!


I am so excited to have the ground tilled for our garden this year! Our garden is about 5x as big as last year’s….I plan on doing a lot of freezing and canning the fresh foods to eat year round. 🙂

Gentle Baby

This oil has been used SO much lately! It helps me sleep, and it’s amazing on my growing belly!


It’s been so rainy here lately, I’ve enjoyed extra time spent in bed, under the covers, having time with my Lord. 🙂

What have you been up to lately? I’d love for you to follow along on Instagram!

Hannah Diane

Fall Around the Homestead

This past weekend was lots of fun! The Fall conference went well, and we made lots of progress on our HVAC. I say “we”…Luke and one of his co-workers. I made them lunch…and helped Luke pull some wire when Mason left. That was the extent of my helping. While Luke was out working, I was able to tromp around the Homestead and take some pictures of this Autumn loveliness. If you follow me on Instagram– you’ll have seen some of my latest Autumn adventures. Moving on…I want to share with you 18 of my favorite things about Fall! And some of the pictures from my little hike.

18 Reasons I love Fall

Warm days, cool evenings
Crisp air
Falling leaves




Reading outside


Country road drives
Horseback riding


Colors of nature


Leather jackets
Drinking coffee on cool mornings



Why do you love Fall? What’s your favorite part of this time of the year?

Hannah Diane

Fall 2014 Vignette

Happy Tuesday, y’all! The weather here in the South is amazing– chilly mornings, but still warm days. Yesterday while out running, the leaves were crunching under my feet. I love that feeling! Autumn is here! So to celebrate, I decorated the main piece of furniture in my living room. I got this ugly dresser from the thrift store right before we got married. I gave it a new coat of paint and new hardware. I seriously love decorating it for different seasons!

Fall Vignette

A lot of this stuff I already had on hand. The only place I got stuff for this vignette was Walmart and Hobby Lobby. 🙂


This is my favorite part of the dresser! I love these gorgeous pumpkins. The woodstumps mixed with the books and the pop of color of the pumpkins…seriously love it!


That “be thankful” is a pumpkin. Can you tell? Luke thought it was just a chalkboard. Ha! And I love the little sign that says you can find me in the pumpkin patch. So cute!


We got the clock right after we got married- and I adore it. I love the dark mixed with the bright design of the pumpkin!


Here is a shot of the whole dresser.

IMG_8872What do you think? I love the rustic-ness of the woodstumps, plus the vintage feel from the books, mixed with the bright orange of the pumpkins and the signs. I adore this spot in my house!

Hannah Diane
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Oils to Use with Horses

Good morning, people! Today I wanted to share with you some oils you can use on your animals. For me, I use them on my horse.

The first set of oils I want to share with you are oils you can put in your horse’s water. The Peppermint is great to help cool your horse down during a hot day or after a hard workout. Lemon is good for your horse’s overall health. My horse loves drinking both!

Oils for water

The next set of oils are to use if your horse is sick. Thieves is good for if they are fighting an infection, or just are feeling sick. DiGize is great for stomach problems. If your horse is prone to colic- this is the oil you need to have on hand! Just apply 3-4 drops onto their stomach or put some in their water.

Oils for sickness

Aroma Siez and PanAway are amazing with pain and tight muscles! Both are great for both muscle/joint pain and muscle tightness. But Aroma Siez is the best for tight muscles. If you’ve worked your horse extra hard one day- just reward him with a massage with Aroma Siez (using carrier oil!).

Oils for pain

Your horse got into a fence? Got a magical scratch? We know things like that happen with horses. Theses two oils are amazing with skin problems. Whether its a scratch, bug bite, or some kind of skin condition, these oils are perfect!

Oils for skin conditions

Last, but certainly not least, the oils I use with training and calming nerves. Since my horse is young, and I am training her from the ground up, these two oils have been an invaluable resource. Especially Stress Away. I personally like Peace & Calming on myself, but my horse is partial to Stress Away. A lot of times, I put Peace & Calming on me and then Stress Away on her. We have a much better day that way! (I apply the oils on her forehead & temples and her whithers and on my wrists.)

Oils for training

You might be wondering why I use oils on my horse. It’s because I care about her. If I don’t want chemicals and nasty stuff in and on me, why would I want to do that to my horse? I also have used oils on my cats, and my family has used them on their dogs and goats, too! Want to learn more, or have any questions about using oils for animals? Just shoot me an email at

Also, I make my own bug spray for my horse. It’s the same exact one I use for us! I just mixed up another bottle of it and keep it in the barn. You can get the recipe HERE.

DIY Bug Spray

Have you ever used oils on your animals? I only use Young Living oils. I feel so much better using them on my animals than any chemical product. And it’s cheaper, too! If you’re interested in signing up, learn about it here.


Hannah Diane

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. I’m not a medical professional, I’m just sharing my experiences.

Homesteading- The First Step

Life is crazy busy right now.

My fiance just bought us 2.5 acres that was completely wooded. I mean….wooded. Keep in mind, we’re getting married in 75 days (!!) and we have LOTS to do. A while ago, people used the land as a dumping ground. Three houses had burned on the property and no one cleaned up the rubble. Yes, we’re having a fun time cleaning all the trash….not.

I’m sorry for the bad quality of the pictures… I just used my iPod for these pictures. I hope to get out and get some good pictures with my Canon.

I never did get a “first look” picture, but here are some pictures of the progress.





Notice the pile of {100!} tires in the picture above. I told you it was a dump. We’re in the process of getting those out. Once they are gone, I think that little spot will be my special spot for reading and devotions.


More updates to follow soon. By the end of this Summer, this place will be our little homestead. The Lord is so good! I can’t wait to see what the future holds.