Best Gifts for Baby

I don’t care if your mama friend is having their first, fifth, or fifteenth baby, there are some things a new baby just needs!

Best Gifts for a New Baby

One thing I never got with my first was real swaddle blankets- and I wish I had. They just never got bought. Then I was almost 40 weeks with baby #2 when I realized I didn’t have any swaddle blankets! I wanted them quickly in case baby came soon, so I just pick up some at TjMaxx. I liked them- very handy, cute and they did the job. But I’m going to be prepared the next time around– and for all my mom friends!


The first thing on my list for a new baby is swaddles!
I’ve been following Bebe Owl on Instagram for a while and just loved their stuff! They offered to send me some swaddles for Silas, and also a mattress pad that we were in desperate need of (second child problems!). Let me tell you….these are the softest swaddle blankets you will ever find!
I love that they’re made out of 100% bamboo and y’all, the print is adorable. I love the colors! They will go great in the boys room once I get it painted! And, as a side note, the mattress pad is the best one I’ve ever seen! I really had a hard time finding a good one that I felt safe for my little one and this covered it!

Essential Oils for Babies

Secondly, and y’all should not be surprised, are essential oils! They are life-savers when it comes to babies…and two blends in particular are the best. Tummygize is specially formulated and prediluted for babies’ sensitive skin…and tummies! Silas had the hardest time with acid & tummy problems until I figured out he was allergic to dairy. Tummygize saved us many late nights and grumpy & uncomfortable afternoons!

New Baby Gifts.jpg

I also love to gift Sleepyize to new mommies…or mommies of toddlers who are having a sleep strike. Ahem. Again, made especially for babies and its so amazing! I absolutely love the smell, and adding a drop in their lotion for a before bedtime massage is the best!

And my third go-to gift? This should be a no brainer, but so many people forget about it….Diapers! I personally never get people newborn diapers just because my first never fit into them and my second baby was only in them for about a week. I like to gift size one just to be safe. And I’ll tell ya, the diapers have always been appreciated!

Stay tuned….I’m going to share with y’all soon the perfect thing to get Mama for after baby is born!

Question…what was your favorite baby gift ever, that you just could not have lived without?

Hannah Diane
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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Crunchy Mom

Can you believe Mother’s Day is a week and a half away? Crazy! My husband asked me the other day what I would want for Mother’s Day and I actually had some ideas….since I needed to write them down for him anyway, I’d thought I’d share them here for some other husband’s inspiration! 😉

Gift Ideas for the Crunchy Mama

Books. Crunchy Mamas are all about learning. They love learning new things, and usually like reading for fun, too. Check out her Amazon cart or other list of books she may be wanting. Some of the ones on my list are….
1) Mama Natural’s Week by Week Pregnancy Guide
2) The First Forty Days
3) Magic of Motherhood
4) Long Days of Small Things


Gardening. If your wife is the gardening type, treat her to a garden day together! Either pick up some plants you know she’s been wanting (blueberry bushes, fruit trees or rose bushes are a good place to start), or a trip to the garden center, and spend the day as a family working in the garden! Some things to help her out with her gardening would be an awesome bonus!
1) A cool gardening kit like this!
2) Cute gloves like these.
3) A fun knee pad like this!

Self-Care. All mommas need to work on self-care! Getting her somethings to encourage her to take care of herself, and watching the kids so she can, is such a great gift! Some self-care ideas would be….
1) A trip to get a massage, or mani/pedi
2) Toxin-free nail polish! Did you know that there are tons of hormone distrupting chemicals in nail polish? Gross. I would absolutely love to get the Crescent Crush or the Pothole Polish colors from Native Polish!
3) Young Living Starter Kit!!! MEN. This is the best gift you could ever give her! The health of your wife & kids is definitely worth it. She will love the diffuser, and trying out all of the 11 oils it comes with! A super awesome BONUS during the month of May is the extra 15mL bottle of Tangerine. It smells devine and she’ll find so many different uses for it! You can order it for her HERE, plus, she’ll get added to an awesome community full of like-minded women who love natural health!
4) Bath bombs– y’all. These scream self-care! Make sure you get your wife some- but make sure the ingredients are actually good for her and not full of yucky chemicals!

18033800_10101609724511422_1597405967052914476_n - Copy.jpg

Snacks. Men, women need their snacks- especially chocolate. Whether it’s that time of the month, or pregnancy cravings, your wife will always want a special stash of healthy stuff just.for.her. She’ll love you for it, promise. Some of my favorite are….
1) Lily’s sugar-free chocolate! She would love a bar {or 3!} of these!
2) These Wolfberry Chocolate Bars are so good for her health, and she’ll enjoy them!
3) Any other of her favorites…..

lily chocolate.jpg

Cookbooks. Healthy cookbooks can sometimes get pricey, but we women love them! The great thing about this gift is, you’re also treating yourself! 😉 Some great ones would be….
1) Against All Grain
2) Necessary Food 
3) A Better Weigh to Healthy 


You know the woman in your life. Use these to give you some inspiration, but use this day to make her feel extra special and totally loved. ❤

Hannah Diane
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{Simple & Easy} DIY Gift in a Jar

Happy Tuesday, y’all! If you are anything like me….you are still working on wrapping gifts and giving gifts. Yesterday I finished up my Christmas shopping and whipped up these easy DIY gifts!

Gift in a Jar

We have 3 neighbors that we absolutely love! They’re so sweet, helpful and wonderful to have around! I love making and sharing gifts, so I decided to whip up a big batch of my Healthy Trail Mix, put it in a decorated jar and give them away!

Gifts in a Jar- Easy

Instead of using dark chocolate chips, I used Christmas M&Ms to make it more festive. And Luke liked taking the extra trail mix to work!

Gift Ingredients

On the note I made a list of what was in the trail mix- just in case of any allergies I wasn’t aware of. We also wrote a little note. 🙂

Gifts in a Jar

I tied the notes onto the jars with some red ribbon and voila! You have some super easy and yummy gifts! I made these three (we had enough mix to make four) jars up in less than twenty minutes! Easy, peasy!

What’s your favorite gift to give to your neighbors? Are you still Christmas shopping?

Hannah Diane

Fashion Scents {Giveaway!}

Happy Monday, y’all! Can you believe it’s December first? Christmas time is officially here!! I can’t wait to share lots of DIY projects and recipes this month….but in the mean time…I have an awesome giveaway for you!

You all know I am in love with my essential oils, right? They’re the best- for so many different reasons! I love all of the health benefits of them, but I also love their amazing smell! Besides putting them straight on my skin, I love wearing different oils on a diffuser necklace.

The amazing girls at Fashion Scents offered to send me a diffuser necklace and a necklace to give to one of my lucky readers! I was so excited to get the gorgeous necklace in the mail! Both necklaces were gorgeous, and I seriously love mine! I’ve worn it tons over the last week with one of my favorite scents- Joy!

My gorgeous little sister modeled my pretty new necklace for y’all to see. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Fashion Scents Giveaway!

Fashion Scents Giveaway!They also sent me the absolutely stunning 24″ Vintage Beaded Rose Diffuser Necklace for one of my lovely readers! So, would you like to win?

Here is the lovely necklace!


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Check out Fashion Scents for tons of other lovely oily jewelry! A pair of diffuser earrings are definitely on my wish-list this Christmas!

Hannah Diane

How To Decorate a Small Space

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! How has your week been so far? Today I want to share with you how I’ve decorated a tiny little space I have that is nestled between the “laundry room” and the bathroom. Our bathroom doesn’t have much storage. No drawers for extra towels or shelf space for things like cotton balls and Q-tips. That’s why this little space is so important.

How To Decorate a Small Space

I love this little spot. It has some of my favorite trinkets and things. Plus, it’s super functional! You can see in the next picture how we have our extra towels stored on it….

How to Decorate a Small Space

And it holds some toiletries….

How to Decorate a Small Space

I also keep some of my oils on the shelf. I love using old books in my decor! The cute little candle holder on got on clearance at T.J.Maxx. $2.50!

How to Decorate a Small Space

I seriously love these candle holders and candles. I got the candle holders when I was thrift store shopping with my Nana, Momma and sister after I got engaged. One of my favorite pieces!

How to Decorate a Small Space

My newest addition….this gorgeous print from East West Design Company! I think I’m in love…..

How to Decorate a Small Space

Isn’t it gorgeous?!? They have so many pretty prints….seasonal, Bible verses, cute quotes. Everything! And guess what? Today through Saturday the sweet ladies at East West Design Co. have offered my readers free shipping with the code THROUGHTHELENS. This would be a great Christmas or hostess gift!!

Here’s another shot of the space….

How to Decorate a Small Space

And one more of my gorgeous print! Don’t forget to check out their shop and get free shipping on anything for the rest of this week!

How to Decorate a Small Space

How do you decorate small spaces? Do you find them easy or hard to spruce up?

Hannah Diane

Gifts I’m Giving This Year!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! So….who knows someone that you can never buy for? Someone who seems to have, well, everything? These gifts from Young Living are perfect for those people!! There is definitely something for everyone.

Gifts for Him

I don’t know about you….but the men in my life are the hardest to buy for. I mean, come on, what do they really want? My men always say gift cards…but who wants to give a ton of those? These gifts are perfect for men.

*Shutran- this smells heavenly!! It’s perfect for someone who likes wearing cologne. Except there is none of the yucky chemicals in it. Score!

*Mister- is an overall good oil for men.

*Ninxia Nitros- perfect for the person who loves working out…or working overtime at work. The perfect pick-me-up for the man in your life!

*Thieves Sanitizers- these are great for someone who works in an office, or on a construction site.

*Thieves mints- keep them healthy and their breath fresh. 😉 I’d say this is a perfect stocking stuffer.

Gifts for Her

Ok, if you know me personally….and I’m on your list to get a gift for, anything from Young Living will do! But these products are especially perfect for gift giving!

*Slique bars- yummy, filling and so good for you!

*JOY- any girl could use more joy in their life! And this scent is such a good perfume, too!

*A-R-T Creme Masque- such a wonderful skin product. Any lady would love to get this!

*Lip moisturizers- come on….you can never run out of these. Plus, being healthy and chemical free, they’re perfect!

*L Briante Lip gloss- Lip gloss on one end, essential roll-on scent on the other. Perfume and lip gloss in one set? Yes please!

Gifts under $15

*Lemon- perfect for flavoring your water. Anyone would love an extra bottle of lemon oil!

*Christmas Spirit- bring the smells of Christmas into your home without the chemicals! Plus, maybe it’ll get those grumpy scrooges in the mood for Christmas, too!

*Orange- such a great oil to help keep you healthy this winter.

*Lavender-Rosewood soap- such a lovely smell and helps keep you healthy this year!

*Thieves spray- perfect for the “germaphobe” on your list. 😉

The best way to get these amazing products at a discounted rate is to sign up to be a member. Just contact me to sign up- I’ll send you some gifts this month if you sign up with me!

What’s on your wish list this year?

Hannah Diane

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