Valentine’s Day Vignette

Happy Tuesday, everyone! The South has finally warmed up, and it’s actually nice to be outside now! I’m definitely enjoying the sunshine! Today I want to share with y’all my Valentine’s Day Vignette. It’s nothing fancy, but I’ve enjoyed putting it together with things I’ve had on hand. 🙂

Valentine's Day Vases

I’ve had these target vases for years now. Gotta love their dollar section!

Valentine's Day

I love stacking different pieces and textures together! My woodstump, vintage book and Valentine’s Day sign from Hobby Lobby just all go together.

Valentine's Day Love

My amazing man brought home a massive bouquet of flowers a couple days ago…I was able to put some on the kitchen table, and here on the vignette! This figurine is from our wedding– it was our wedding cake topper.

Valentine's Book

This is the book underneath the Valentine’s Vases. I love these poems!

Valentine's FlowersValentine's Day VignetteHave you decorated for Valentine’s Day yet? What’s your favorite part of the holiday?

Hannah Diane

Wedding Wednesday // Boots

Happy Wednesday! Time for another Wedding Wednesday! And today, I am sharing about my boots. Ahhh….cowgirl boots. You just gotta love ’em.

Wedding Wednesday

Luke and I both wear boots, like, you know, every day. So, we wanted them incorporated into our wedding. Tons of people loved the idea…some were skeptical. But, I think when everyone saw them, they were impressed!

Wedding Party

Even some of the guests got festive and wore their boots. This is one of my good friends; she was one of the cake servers.

Wedding Guests

We let all the girls and guys get their own boots, that way we knew they would wear them again. Plus, it was fun to see each of their own style come out in the boots!

Wedding Boots Bridesmaids

This next picture is one of my favorites!!

Wedding Boots and Boquets

I wore my Grandma’s boots during the ceremony. I just love the gray and dark blue combo!

Wedding Ceremony Boots

Wedding Bride and Groom

Then I wore my grandpa’s boots when we left. I’ve had my grandpa’s boots for a while now. I also wore them in my senior pictures. They mean a lot to me. 🙂

Wedding Leaving

Obviously, I’m not big on “traditional” things. I didn’t wear “the perfect heels”. I actually wanted to go barefoot- but my dress was a tad too long and they couldn’t hem it. I am so glad I wore my grandparents’ boots for my wedding. It was perfect!

Hannah Diane