Wedding Wednesday // Flowers

Today for Wedding Wednesday, I want to share with you our flowers in the boutonnieres and bouquets.

Thanks to Pinterest, I knew exactly what I wanted for all the bridesmaids. Just a simple bunch of baby’s breath. Rustic, vintage and so cute!

Girls' Flowers

As you can tell in the picture above, my bouquet is much more elaborate than the girls’. I wanted a rather large bouquet, but with country flowers you naturally find in the south.  It looked like I could have put my bouquet together at someone’s southern farm house. {swoon}

Bride's Bouquet

Let me just say, it was very heavy for a bunch of flowers. Ha!

Groomsmen boutonnieres

The groomsmen & ushers’ boutonnieres were the same little roses that dotted my bouquet, surrounded by a sprig of a tiny pink flowers.


Luke’s boutonniere was one large lavender rose with baby’s breath around it. I seriously loved his!

Grooms Boutonniere

And last but not least, my throw bouquet was large purpleish/pink roses with baby’s breath. Simple and smaller than my real one. Ha!

Throw Bouquet

For the tossing of the bouquet, my dear friend, Olivia, was hiding in the back. She did not want to catch the bouquet, poor soul. But, I threw that bouquet right over the rest of the girls and straight to her. It was a moment of lots of laughter!!

Catching of the Bouquet

I’m just going to say, without the inspiration of Pinterest, I never would have known what I wanted for flowers. If you are newly engaged, or just thinking about your wedding, make sure you know what you want for your flowers. 🙂

Hannah Diane

Wedding Wednesday // Boots

Happy Wednesday! Time for another Wedding Wednesday! And today, I am sharing about my boots. Ahhh….cowgirl boots. You just gotta love ’em.

Wedding Wednesday

Luke and I both wear boots, like, you know, every day. So, we wanted them incorporated into our wedding. Tons of people loved the idea…some were skeptical. But, I think when everyone saw them, they were impressed!

Wedding Party

Even some of the guests got festive and wore their boots. This is one of my good friends; she was one of the cake servers.

Wedding Guests

We let all the girls and guys get their own boots, that way we knew they would wear them again. Plus, it was fun to see each of their own style come out in the boots!

Wedding Boots Bridesmaids

This next picture is one of my favorites!!

Wedding Boots and Boquets

I wore my Grandma’s boots during the ceremony. I just love the gray and dark blue combo!

Wedding Ceremony Boots

Wedding Bride and Groom

Then I wore my grandpa’s boots when we left. I’ve had my grandpa’s boots for a while now. I also wore them in my senior pictures. They mean a lot to me. 🙂

Wedding Leaving

Obviously, I’m not big on “traditional” things. I didn’t wear “the perfect heels”. I actually wanted to go barefoot- but my dress was a tad too long and they couldn’t hem it. I am so glad I wore my grandparents’ boots for my wedding. It was perfect!

Hannah Diane

Wedding Wednesday: My Vintage-Inspired Wedding Gown

Happy Wednesday, y’all! Today, I want to do something different. I found the awesome Wedding Wednesday link-up and thought it would be a fun way to show you different details of my wedding!

Vintage Inspired Wedding Gown

Today I want to share with you the story of my dress. And it wouldn’t be complete without some pictures, huh?

Luke and I got engaged on Christmas eve and set our date to be the end of May. All of the wedding planning books said you needed to pick out your dress 6 months before the wedding. Considering I only had 5 months of engagement, I needed to get on it. Right after Christmas, my mom, my grandma, my sister, and I all went dress shopping. I was down to two dresses I liked, so we went back a few days later with my future mother-in-love and sisters-in-love.

I only felt pretty in this one. It was the one!

Wedding Gown

I’m not a “flashy” person. I don’t like sparkles or lots of diamonds. But this dress….it was perfect.

Wedding Wednesday

I love all of the diamonds, the beads…and my favorite, the lace! Swoon

Wedding Dress Details

Isn’t it gorgeous? I wore my grandma’s boots to walk down the aisle. Boots and lace just go together, don’t they?

Wedding Gown and Boots

And, I am so excited to announce, one of my new and dear friends is going to wear my dress in her January wedding!! It’s going to be so pretty on her, and fun to see it on someone else! 🙂

What was your favorite part of your wedding? Come by next week to see some more of my wedding!

Hannah Diane