Oils to Use with Horses

Good morning, people! Today I wanted to share with you some oils you can use on your animals. For me, I use them on my horse.

The first set of oils I want to share with you are oils you can put in your horse’s water. The Peppermint is great to help cool your horse down during a hot day or after a hard workout. Lemon is good for your horse’s overall health. My horse loves drinking both!

Oils for water

The next set of oils are to use if your horse is sick. Thieves is good for if they are fighting an infection, or just are feeling sick. DiGize is great for stomach problems. If your horse is prone to colic- this is the oil you need to have on hand! Just apply 3-4 drops onto their stomach or put some in their water.

Oils for sickness

Aroma Siez and PanAway are amazing with pain and tight muscles! Both are great for both muscle/joint pain and muscle tightness. But Aroma Siez is the best for tight muscles. If you’ve worked your horse extra hard one day- just reward him with a massage with Aroma Siez (using carrier oil!).

Oils for pain

Your horse got into a fence? Got a magical scratch? We know things like that happen with horses. Theses two oils are amazing with skin problems. Whether its a scratch, bug bite, or some kind of skin condition, these oils are perfect!

Oils for skin conditions

Last, but certainly not least, the oils I use with training and calming nerves. Since my horse is young, and I am training her from the ground up, these two oils have been an invaluable resource. Especially Stress Away. I personally like Peace & Calming on myself, but my horse is partial to Stress Away. A lot of times, I put Peace & Calming on me and then Stress Away on her. We have a much better day that way! (I apply the oils on her forehead & temples and her whithers and on my wrists.)

Oils for training

You might be wondering why I use oils on my horse. It’s because I care about her. If I don’t want chemicals and nasty stuff in and on me, why would I want to do that to my horse? I also have used oils on my cats, and my family has used them on their dogs and goats, too! Want to learn more, or have any questions about using oils for animals? Just shoot me an email at hannah.d.mooney@gmail.com.

Also, I make my own bug spray for my horse. It’s the same exact one I use for us! I just mixed up another bottle of it and keep it in the barn. You can get the recipe HERE.

DIY Bug Spray

Have you ever used oils on your animals? I only use Young Living oils. I feel so much better using them on my animals than any chemical product. And it’s cheaper, too! If you’re interested in signing up, learn about it here.


Hannah Diane

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. I’m not a medical professional, I’m just sharing my experiences.

Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while…again, I’ve not posted weekly. But I really want to change that.

Right now, I am so busy with working on the land, painting our house, and back to training my horse. On top of work, of course.

The story of me and my horse, Ameera, is quite a long one, but I’ll save it for another day. Right now, I’ll just show some of the happenings on the farm lately.

{My stinker, asking me to ride her.}




{The goats love to eat her tail. Not funny. Poor thing has a stub of a tail now!}


{Our pretty barn baby}


{I just had to post this picture of me and my man. Keeping busy at our land!}


Well, that’s a day in pictures. What did you get accomplished this weekend?