Why I Love Gardening


I’m a country girl at heart. And practically. But gardening isn’t just for “country people”. I know lots of people who garden in the city. But I seriously love gardening….and here are 4 reasons why I love it!


Quiet in the mornings & evenings-
If you live anywhere….really, um….hot, you’re going to have to water your garden in the early mornings or late evenings when the sun won’t scorch the plants. I love the early mornings and late evenings when it’s cooler, quiet and perfectly peaceful.


The Fresh Air-
Who couldn’t use more time in the fresh air, working in the dirt? Digging, watering, hoeing…it all gives me time to just feel. Plus, it’s great exercise for this baby bump of mine. 🙂


Seeing Things Grow-
Maybe I’m weird. But I love seeing my garden go from a bunch of seeds or seedlings into big, plants, heavy with their harvest. It takes time, work, and energy, but seeing things growing is so wonderful to me. Which brings me to thing #4 I love….


The Harvest-
Who doesn’t like the harvesting part? But, so many people don’t get the benefit of the harvest, because they never put the hard work in. Some days watering the garden, or pulling weeds isn’t fun. But, the harvest is always great and rewarding!


Do you like to garden? Do you have a garden- a flower one or otherwise?

Hannah Diane
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Fall Around the Homestead

This past weekend was lots of fun! The Fall conference went well, and we made lots of progress on our HVAC. I say “we”…Luke and one of his co-workers. I made them lunch…and helped Luke pull some wire when Mason left. That was the extent of my helping. While Luke was out working, I was able to tromp around the Homestead and take some pictures of this Autumn loveliness. If you follow me on Instagram– you’ll have seen some of my latest Autumn adventures. Moving on…I want to share with you 18 of my favorite things about Fall! And some of the pictures from my little hike.

18 Reasons I love Fall

Warm days, cool evenings
Crisp air
Falling leaves




Reading outside


Country road drives
Horseback riding


Colors of nature


Leather jackets
Drinking coffee on cool mornings



Why do you love Fall? What’s your favorite part of this time of the year?

Hannah Diane

5 Things My Horse has Taught Me

Happy Tuesday! Today I wanted to share with you some things that my horse, Ameera, has taught me. Besides the “responsibility” of having a horse, training my young, untrained horse has taught me a lot. 5 Things My Horse has Taught Me

*Patience. Yes, oh yes. This is still a hard one. A horse does not speak English, obviously, and I’m not exactly fluent in horse-language yet (but I’m working on it!). Understanding horses and having patience with them is key to training. If you can’t be patient and move at the horse’s speed, working with horses is not for you.

*Grace. Strange, isn’t it? Lots and lots of grace is needed. And guess what? Your horse shows YOU lots and lots of grace, too. We’re not perfect, and neither are our horses. They’re going to slip up and mess up. And we have to show grace. I’ve seriously slipped up and messed up with communicating with my girl, and she shows me grace and gives me a second chance.

*Love. My horse has taught me love….she’s always there for me. She gets sad if I haven’t worked with her in a while. She loves to love. She’s a loving horse. You’ll never be lacking in love if you have a horse.

*Kindness. Horses know kindness. They know when something is asked kindly or if it is demanded meanly. And they will respond accordingly. Earlier on in our training, the more mad I got at Ameera, the more disobedient she became. You have to ask things with GRACE and kindness to get the appropriate results.

*Having fun. More horse loves to have fun and be spontaneous. She has her “big green ball” that she loves to play soccer with. She loves to jump little poles I put out for her, and she loves….I repeat loves….to turn on a dime when we’re play at liberty. Again, this is where the grace and patience come in. Ha!

There are lots more things that my girl has taught me, but these are the main ones. Have any animals taught you anything? Do you like horses?


Hannah Diane

Homesteading- The First Step

Life is crazy busy right now.

My fiance just bought us 2.5 acres that was completely wooded. I mean….wooded. Keep in mind, we’re getting married in 75 days (!!) and we have LOTS to do. A while ago, people used the land as a dumping ground. Three houses had burned on the property and no one cleaned up the rubble. Yes, we’re having a fun time cleaning all the trash….not.

I’m sorry for the bad quality of the pictures… I just used my iPod for these pictures. I hope to get out and get some good pictures with my Canon.

I never did get a “first look” picture, but here are some pictures of the progress.





Notice the pile of {100!} tires in the picture above. I told you it was a dump. We’re in the process of getting those out. Once they are gone, I think that little spot will be my special spot for reading and devotions.


More updates to follow soon. By the end of this Summer, this place will be our little homestead. The Lord is so good! I can’t wait to see what the future holds.