Valentine’s Vignette

Happy Wednesday! I’m finally back to posting- I’m hoping to do at least one a week, but we’ll see how that goes.

Today I want to share with y’all one of my favorite little areas of the house….my little vignette.

Valentine Vignette

I love the neural colors with the pops of pink and red!

Valentine Pictures

I love the little pot/lantern from the Target dollar section, and my bulb from Aldi. These are two of my favorite pictures of our little family. My dear friend, Katie, took them for us! 🙂


That figurine was our wedding cake topper, and the M sign is from Hobby Lobby, but a friend gave it to me.

Valentine Flowers

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? Stay tuned for my Valentine Mantel!

Hannah Diane
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Fourth of July Mantel

Happy Monday, people!! I finally got around to decorating my mantel for 4’th of July. I used stuff I already had on hand to put this together.

July Mantel_2

I got the U.S.A. letters at Hobby Lobby. I just loved the rustic theme that they had this year!

July Mantel

The red lantern Luke already had….I really don’t know how long he’s even had it. I got the candle holder at Dollar General years ago. Ha!

July Mantel_5

July Mantel_3

July Mantel_7


July Mantel_8

July Mantel_9

Did you decorate for 4’th of July this year?

Hannah Diane
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Valentine’s Day Vignette

Happy Tuesday, everyone! The South has finally warmed up, and it’s actually nice to be outside now! I’m definitely enjoying the sunshine! Today I want to share with y’all my Valentine’s Day Vignette. It’s nothing fancy, but I’ve enjoyed putting it together with things I’ve had on hand. 🙂

Valentine's Day Vases

I’ve had these target vases for years now. Gotta love their dollar section!

Valentine's Day

I love stacking different pieces and textures together! My woodstump, vintage book and Valentine’s Day sign from Hobby Lobby just all go together.

Valentine's Day Love

My amazing man brought home a massive bouquet of flowers a couple days ago…I was able to put some on the kitchen table, and here on the vignette! This figurine is from our wedding– it was our wedding cake topper.

Valentine's Book

This is the book underneath the Valentine’s Vases. I love these poems!

Valentine's FlowersValentine's Day VignetteHave you decorated for Valentine’s Day yet? What’s your favorite part of the holiday?

Hannah Diane

5 Christmas DIY Projects

Happy Monday, y’all! Can you believe it’s Thanksgiving week? I’m excited about all the family gatherings coming up– I love this time of year!

I’m also super pumped about decorating for Christmas this year– I have my own house to decorate {eek!}. Can you tell I’m excited? I love making a lot of my own Christmas decorations, so I thought I would share 5 cute projects I’ve seen on Pinterest lately.

5 DIY Christmas Projects

This first one is DIY Book Pages Trees by my awesome sister-in-law, Myra.


I am seriously in love with this cute Snow Globe Ornament!


I think this Burlap Placemat is so cute and really practical, too!


This Jingle all the way craft is so unique!


I am all about wreaths…and this Felt Christmas Wreath is so cute and looks easy to do, too!


What are you doing this week for Thanksgiving? Have you started decorating for Christmas yet?

Hannah Diane
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How To Decorate a Small Space

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! How has your week been so far? Today I want to share with you how I’ve decorated a tiny little space I have that is nestled between the “laundry room” and the bathroom. Our bathroom doesn’t have much storage. No drawers for extra towels or shelf space for things like cotton balls and Q-tips. That’s why this little space is so important.

How To Decorate a Small Space

I love this little spot. It has some of my favorite trinkets and things. Plus, it’s super functional! You can see in the next picture how we have our extra towels stored on it….

How to Decorate a Small Space

And it holds some toiletries….

How to Decorate a Small Space

I also keep some of my oils on the shelf. I love using old books in my decor! The cute little candle holder on got on clearance at T.J.Maxx. $2.50!

How to Decorate a Small Space

I seriously love these candle holders and candles. I got the candle holders when I was thrift store shopping with my Nana, Momma and sister after I got engaged. One of my favorite pieces!

How to Decorate a Small Space

My newest addition….this gorgeous print from East West Design Company! I think I’m in love…..

How to Decorate a Small Space

Isn’t it gorgeous?!? They have so many pretty prints….seasonal, Bible verses, cute quotes. Everything! And guess what? Today through Saturday the sweet ladies at East West Design Co. have offered my readers free shipping with the code THROUGHTHELENS. This would be a great Christmas or hostess gift!!

Here’s another shot of the space….

How to Decorate a Small Space

And one more of my gorgeous print! Don’t forget to check out their shop and get free shipping on anything for the rest of this week!

How to Decorate a Small Space

How do you decorate small spaces? Do you find them easy or hard to spruce up?

Hannah Diane

DIY Mini Fall Bunting

Y’all, we’re half-way through our week! Tonight is my brother’s and brother-in-law’s first basketball game- Luke and I are excited. This is the first year his brother is on the varsity team, so it’s going to be fun! We spent so much time at basketball games while we were courting….now we’re married. So crazy!

Today I want to show you how I made this super quick, super easy Mini Fall Bunting. It took me all of 30 minutes and I love how it looks! I really think it pulls the whole Fall Vignette together. What do you think?

Mini Fall Bunting

I decided to do a “mini bunting” because the dresser is so small. I didn’t want to make the dresser look too heavy, or distract from the decor on top. I really think it complements it well.

Mini Fall Bunting

All you will need is:
*1/2 page (or scraps) of patterned scrapbook paper
*1/2 page (or scraps) of a plain colored paper
*Tape or glue
Trace out your pattern on both papers. You can do any design or any size. This is what mine looked like….


Cut out each piece. As you can tell, I drew the flags to be longer than I actually wanted- to have a flap to tape or glue down. Once I cut them out, I measured how long I wanted my twine to be and cut that to size. I then hung my twine up, folded the tops of the flags over and taped it on the back to hold them down. Voila! That’s it!

Isn’t that easy? And you can use any design of scrapbook paper to alter the look for your style. Super cheap, easy and cute!

DIY Fall Bunting

Hannah Diane

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Fall 2014 Vignette

Happy Tuesday, y’all! The weather here in the South is amazing– chilly mornings, but still warm days. Yesterday while out running, the leaves were crunching under my feet. I love that feeling! Autumn is here! So to celebrate, I decorated the main piece of furniture in my living room. I got this ugly dresser from the thrift store right before we got married. I gave it a new coat of paint and new hardware. I seriously love decorating it for different seasons!

Fall Vignette

A lot of this stuff I already had on hand. The only place I got stuff for this vignette was Walmart and Hobby Lobby. 🙂


This is my favorite part of the dresser! I love these gorgeous pumpkins. The woodstumps mixed with the books and the pop of color of the pumpkins…seriously love it!


That “be thankful” is a pumpkin. Can you tell? Luke thought it was just a chalkboard. Ha! And I love the little sign that says you can find me in the pumpkin patch. So cute!


We got the clock right after we got married- and I adore it. I love the dark mixed with the bright design of the pumpkin!


Here is a shot of the whole dresser.

IMG_8872What do you think? I love the rustic-ness of the woodstumps, plus the vintage feel from the books, mixed with the bright orange of the pumpkins and the signs. I adore this spot in my house!

Hannah Diane
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