Fitness Friday III

Happy, happy Friday, people! Who is ready for this weekend? {raises both hands}


{Week of Saturday, Jan. 24- Friday, Jan. 30}

Saturday- Today I was a wedding director- no official workout– but LOTS of walking

Sunday- Rest day

Monday- My 60 Workout

Tuesday- Tone It Up‘s Love Your Body-Kettlebells and HIIT {PM} 2 miles walk with hand weights

Wednesday-  Tone It Up‘s Love Your Body- Abs & Arms {PM} 3.5 mile walk

Thursday- Tone It Up‘s Love Your Body- Abs & Arms and Legs & Booty {PM} 1.5 miles on the treadmill

Friday- Jillian Micheals’ Kickboxing holding 5lb weights and Tony Horton’s P90x Ab Ripper x

What did you do this week for workouts? I enjoyed some warmer days to get outside and walk! Also, after all the workouts this week- I was sore! So….Copaiba & Deep Relief to the rescue!

Sore? Nope!

Hannah Diane

7 thoughts on “Fitness Friday III

  1. Great job! Sounds like a lot of hard workouts this week.

    I’ve taken my son on a few stroller walks this week, plus some treadmill intervals and about 2 days of strength training while he naps.

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