The 150 Workout

Happy Friday, people! I am super happy about this weekend! We are going to a church conference tonight, and then my Handsome Man is installing our heating & air tomorrow! Praise the Lord! I will be so happy to have some heat. 🙂

This past week I’ve been trying really hard to do a workout DVD everyday…on top of my walking and going to the gym. And let me tell you…my shoulders and rear-end feel it. Ha! I’ve also been coming up with my own quick and not-so-easy workouts. Today I would like to share one with you!

150 Workout

This is my 150 Workout. If you do it once, you do 150 squats and 150 sit-ups. You can do it twice back-to-back to get 300 in, or hold hand weights while you do the squats, sit-ups or both. 🙂 Change it up a bit to get different intensities.

What’s your favorite quick workout? Do you have any big plans for this weekend?

Hannah Diane

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