Hello Mornings {Challenge}

Happy Saturday! I am so loving this beautiful, cool, Fall weather! Last night Luke and I spent time at a friend’s house for a bonfire. We had a blast!


Today I wanted to share with you something I stumbled upon during the week. This amazing thing called HelloMornings. Have you heard of it? This weekend is the last few days to join. It starts this Monday. What is HelloMornings? It’s a challenge to maximize your mornings. The group gives you all the resources you need to do this challenge- for free. It is a challenge to get up early, spend time in the Word, exercise, move with action, plan your day, and make healthy choices. There are accountability groups on Facebook, instagram, and twitter. I also know tons of people are blogging about it too.


Y’all know how much I love healthy choices, exercising and of course, my relationship with God! Plus, since I have gotten married, I love getting up and maximizing my mornings by rising early.

Would y’all love to join me on this life-long journey of being productive and staying on top of everything, instead of always feeling behind in your day? Would you like to spend time with God, workout, and plan your day before you “get started” on your day? Just visit HelloMorning’s website and sign up this weekend! Y’all, this is going to be amazing! Join me during this journey on Instagram, Facebook and here on my blog. And this 6-week challenge we are going to be studying Matthew. 🙂

Hannah Diane

4 thoughts on “Hello Mornings {Challenge}

  1. Good Morning Hannah, I too have found Hello Mornings, it is an awesome thing.I am an Accountability Captain for a facebook group in Australia.
    I too was a teenage bride, being married a week after my 18th birthday and still going strong after 19 years and 3 children. God bless

  2. I too am starting Hello Mornings. I’m so excited to begin this. I tried to find an Instagram group to join but had no luck with a West Coast group. Good luck with Hello Mornings:)

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