4 Benefits of Yoga

Happy Friday, everyone! One of my new favorite exercises is Yoga! Even though I was at my fittest and healthiest last summer, I never was into Yoga. I was all about sweating hard- and feeling sore. Now I am realizing that I can still workout- even on my “rest” days.

I am definitely not into the meditating/spiritual side of Yoga. But the stretching/positions are awesome! Here are some reasons why I love yoga….

4 Reasons You Should Give Yoga a Try

#1- Improves flexibility. This one makes since. It stretches your muscles and helps make you feel less stiff. Seriously- even if you’re not into hard-core working out, people who sit at a desk all day can benefit from the Yoga stretches.
#2- It helps build strength. Once you get into the more complicated moves (my favorite), you start building muscles, on top of stretching your muscles. Holding poses is also great for endurance!
#3- It’s calming. Exercising is rewarding- but yoga is calming. For me- it’s a time to just breath and relax. And it’s so fun!
#4- Better posture. Because you are stretching your body out and building strength in your core- you tend to have better posture. And for me- when I don’t feel stiff, I stand straighter!

And see- my cats even like to get in on the action!


So, are going to try Yoga now? If you already do Yoga, why did you get started?

Hannah Diane

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13 thoughts on “4 Benefits of Yoga

  1. Hey Hannah Diane, I really enjoy yoga, myself. I started just this week after a year or so hiatus. It helps me get up early twice a week and also helps with all the things you mention. I’m not really into the meditation either except to just quiet my mind and focus on The Lord whole I’m doing it. It’s kind of a time to help me take every thought captive. My instructor is pushing me to do more advanced poses since I’m the only young person on the class that can. So I’m doing thing like hand stands and stuff which are fun and challenging.

  2. I love yoga. Haven’t done it in awhile because i have a broken ankle but my hubby and my sister both do it and have raved about how much better their chronic pain has subsided. That, to me, is amazing.

  3. Even though Pure Barre includes stretching, I could definitely use a lot more (you’re right the desk job is killer!). Where do you find poses/routines that you use?

  4. I’ve been wanting to try yoga, but I’m unsure where to start. I’ve always been extreme flexible, and just recently I noticed things are getting a little painful. So, I’m ready to get that flexibility back.

  5. Love the kitty picture! I really do need to try some yoga. I’ve had chronic back pain for 5 years (still undergoing all kinds of scans and tests to see what’s going on in there) and I’ve tried all kinds to try and release some of the tension, flex it out. I have a few Pilates breathing moves, but I’ve been told that yoga can help. I’ll have to research some simple moves to start off with!

  6. I love yoga! I didn’t really fall in love with it until this pregnancy, but it has helped me so much this time around. I have felt so good and I think a lot of it has to do with staying active and all the stretching.

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